Superb Roofing Testimonials

Dear Mark,

I want to thank you and your crew for the fast, professional and quality job you did on my roof. And, in addition, you were very helpful working with me (and around me) while I put in a skylight. Even though we squeezed in between storms and got some light sprinkles, the crew stayed on the job to ensure the home was protected.

I’m very happy with the end product – the roof looks great!

Thanks again,

February 3, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

We wanted to share that our experience with Superb Roofing was fabulous. After months of soliciting non-responsive companies, we found Superb Roofing at a Home and Garden show. They said they would call the next week… THEY DID!!!

In addition, Hank Pruett came to our house in the evening, based on our convenient time, to review our roofing options. From that point forward, Superb Roofing and Hank communicated at every level. They did exactly what they said they would do, when they said they would do it.

We were very impressed from the first day of our roof replacement. They were there right on time and the coordination of each shift of the process was seamless. Everyday our yard, driveway and sidewalk was left clean and flawless. It was an amazing and beautiful process.

I would highly recommend Superb Roofing to anyone who wants a thorough job, outstanding customer service and a fair price.

We thank everyone involved in the replacement of our roof for rewarding us with such a pleasant experience.

Bill and Lynn

May 20, 2009

Dear Mark,

I wish to commend your team, led by Hank Pruett for an outstanding job done on my roof in El Macero.

Composition roof products are new to our planned community and require approval often met with skepticism. Hank was patient and ready for action upon approval and the weather go-ahead. I am so very happy that i selected your company to do the work.

His crew worked efficiently to accomplish the job in a professional manner and demonstrated exoerience and knowledge. Any additional work needed was brought to my attention and a quick response was made to any concerns I had.

I have received many compliments from neighbors and even contrators! I have referred your company to several of my neighbors needing roofs and told Hank that I would put him in contact with the Homeowner's Association to pick up a copy of the CC&R's(I hear that they are being redone, so maybe Hank can talk the chairperson of the ARC to adding a few additional products):

Again, thanks for a job well done.

Happy Holidays,

January 15, 2004

Dear Hank,

Hope the Holiday Season has gone will for you and Mark and your Superb Roofing Team.

I've been meaning to write you to thank you for the fine job done on the new roof of our guest house but haven't gotten to it. In hindsight, however, this may be a blessing as now I know for a fact the work was done as well as my observations led me to believe. In the last few weeks we have experienced sone very heavy rainfall including one morning with over 2" before noon. You can imagine my pleasure of not having a single leak.

I've been involved in many roof projects over the years and have never dealt with a company and personnel as fine as those of Superb Roofing. I was impressed from my first meeting with you and this was reinforced as i observed your workers handle the project. I was impressed with your knowledge of the business and counsel in working out the details. In addition, I need to share with you and Mark what a pleasure it was to find owners and managers of a company that aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. I know of no others in the industry that would stop to help strip a roof to expedite a timely and coordinated replacement.

I've shared with you that you were the low bidder of three bids solicited. However, I was prepared to go with Superb Roofing even if you were not the low bid based on the confidence I had in your knowledge and ability. You confirmed my impressing when we made an agreement and you didnt want a deposit. It's nice to business with people based on old fashion handshake and trust. I've already recommended you to others and am sure you will be doing another project down the street on a home that has need for a new roof.

I’m very happy with the end product – the roof looks great!

Thanks again for a good experience and a great job,

February 13, 2005

Dear Mr. Pruett,

I thank you for the excellent job you and your crew from Superb Roofing did installing the new roof on my home. As you know, I am an architect with more than 60 years experience in the business.

I spent quite a bit of time researching the right roof for my needs. Not only did Superb Roofing install the roof in a timely manner, for a reasonable price, but you also were able to provide the custom edge detail that I designed and requested. Your crew was courteous and friendly while expeditiously paying attention to the work.

I highly recommend Superb Roofing, Inc. to anyone who needs an old roof removed and new roof expertly installed.


March 1, 2006

Dear Hank,

Enclosed is my check for our new roof. I just wanted to write and thank you for the fabulous job you and your crew did. My roof went from being the worst looking roof on my block to being the best looking roof on the block! I really appreciate the extra time you took to correct the buckle in the sub roof. While it wasn't a structural problem and I don't believe any other roofer would have taken the extra time and care to correct it. The other thing I appreciated was your help on solving our dry rot problem. Previous roofers were not nearly as conscientious as you, but you worked with us to find an affordable and sound solution. Also, your crew was very hardworking and polite. It was especially nice that they were so accommodating of Buddy, our big goofy hound dog!

Thank you also for being so generous with your trailer. That was a real blessing to us since we've been knee deep in renovations here. I didn't expect such a "bonus" and I really appreciate it.

Please tell all your potential clients to drive by my house and take a look at the excellent job you did. THey are welcome too, to knock on my door or call me with any questions they may have. It will be my pleasure to let them know that the services you provide truly are "superb"!

With all good wishes,

January 29, 2008


During the windstorm on Friday 1/4/08 I lost most of my asphault shingles on the top front of my roof. Wanting to get this part of the roof repaired or replaced on Saturday 1/5/08 I proceeded to call three roofing companies frim the phone book. You were the first to respond and you told me you would be by my house on Sunday 1/6/08 to take a look at the damage. You came as promised on Sunday and after looking at the wind damage to the roof you told me you would call with an estimate later that day. You called me again as promise and gave me a price for the repairs and told me you could replace the damage roof on Monday 1/7/08. I agreed to the price and you and your crew was here early that morning.

I want to thank you for being responsive and honest with your prices. Your crew was very professional and did an excellent job on replacing the shingles. Once they were done replacing the shingles they gather up all the old shingles that had blown off from my back yard and the neighbors yard and placed them on the edge of my driveway. Than on Tuesday morning one of your employees came by and picked up all the old shingles and hauled them off.

Again Mark I want to thank you for being professional and doing an excellent job. I will recommend your company to my friends or neighbors if the need should ever arrive.