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Solar Roof

During Greenbuild in Toronto, CertainTeed Corporation introduced a new solar photovoltaic system called the Apollo Solar Roofing System. Apollo skips the rack and mount for a seamless profile that integrates with standard roof shingles. Each 12-pound module has 14 high-efficiency, polycrystalline silicon solar cells that soak up the sun and convert it to energy to power the underlying home.

Apollo "fully integrates with roofing shingles for a clean, seamless appearance" and the "lightweight design does not require structural reinforcement or evaluation," according to a press release. The solar PV system is available from Superb Roofing of Folsom. For additional information please contact Mark Moran at 916-357-5580 or visit

This roofing qualifies for rebates and tax credits and looks darn good as well! For more information please contact Mark Moran from Superb Roofing at 916-357-5580 or visit